5560487_edAbout Brook Hill

Brook Hill’s purpose as Christ’s church is to connect people to Jesus in body, mind, and spirit. We seek to live our lives in a way that brings glory to God’s name. We believe that God revealed Himself in the past through the creation, the prophets, and Jesus. Today we believe that God is revealing Himself through the church and charges us with the responsibility of sharing the Gospel with all people everywhere.

How Do I Get Connected?

There’s always something going on at Brook Hill. Our ministries and small groups give you a chance to help serve Christ and the community, while also providing an opportunity for you to learn and grow as you study God’s Word, pray, and fellowship with brothers and sisters in Christ. There is something available for all age groups and a variety of interests.

At Brook Hill you’ll find yourself surrounded by people eager to join you in sharing God’s love and grace. We hope that by meeting our caring congregation and worshiping God with us, you will gain an appreciation for our spiritual, fellowship, and outreach programs, and will make Brook Hill your new church home.

Brook Hill is part of the Baltimore Washington Conference of the United Methodist Church.

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